8 Aug (Tues): land of dogs, longing for bread

Jeremy didn’t want to go to school, but Zoë persuaded him to set Wednesday as a start date in order to avoid endless postponements.

If Morocco was a land of cats, Bhutan is a land of dogs. Much to Jeremy’s dismay, many people report having been bitten. (I’m very glad we spent the money on rabies vaccines!) Through the rain and mist, the local dogs sleep on the walkway to our front door. We are getting more comfortable walking past them.

In Thimphu, we had heard rumors of delicious bread produced by the college. James checked last Tuesday and was told to try back later. Saturday slid away from us. I went again, a bit bemused about where to ask. In the end, I may have asked the wrong person, but I got a better answer: the bread machine is broken, and they are waiting for a part from India. No bread for a month or so. Unfortunately, all other bread we can find is a little like sweet cake—not what we’re yearning for.