2 September (Saturday): Construction progress

Meanwhile, both up at Yonphula and down at Sherubtse, construction goes forward apace.

The new academic building which was supposed to be ready by mid-August is almost done on the outside. When we first arrived, it looked like this:

And we thought it might be done by mid-October, despite assertions that it was two weeks from completion.

Now the painting of the exterior is almost completed:

But the interior, especially wiring and plumbing, still requires extensive work.

Down on campus, installation of all-weather turf is still waiting for the end of monsoon season. (Sports fans are in mourning until this happens.) The temple renovation progresses in ways that are sometimes delightful and sometimes mysterious to a Westerner. The wall building strategies: delightful! (Note the way the tension of the curved bamboo shapes the line of the wall.)

The removal of existing buildings, more mysterious: easier to burn than to knock down?

I’m always amazed at what trucks endure here–and at how human efforts can dig a truck out of mud this deep.

Meanwhile, in Bhutan, morals are also under construction.