Week of November 6th

We are loving the sun and warmth in Kanglung, as the peppers dry on rooftops of all kinds, and the prayer wheels line the entries.

Some days, storm clouds redefine the sky.

When the power goes out, Jeremy does cross-stitch by headlamp-light.

There are new dogs trying to claim a piece of territory.

Meanwhile, up the mountain, the flowers are still hanging on.

And as the weather clears, it’s easier to see how very close the airport is to the Yonphula academic block.

This photo is taken from the college “parking lot” (or rubble-filled truck turning zone), with the horizon line being the runway of the Yonphula airport.

Meanwhile, Zoë and I are continuing our evening walks. This calf likes the spot between the manidhar….

Jeremy came hiking up to Yonphula with me, having proven himself strong and competent by hiking up first with his dad. We start from nearby the school…

We climb past the archery field and the entry to the higher monastic school…

We see people gathering firewood for the winter…

Jeremy looks out over the mountains…

and climbs the steps over the fence that always strike me as a metaphor for my work at Yonphula:

Back down the mountain, our neighbor Karma is installing a bokhari (Bhutanese wood-burning stove) against the cold weather.